A new look for the SCO website

Published: Saturday, 14-Mar-2020 08:00:00 UTC

Since the first SCO season 2.5 years ago, the website basically stayed the same, with a few attachments here and there. With the first one-of-event 2020 we also start with a new look for the website.

New menu icons explained

I aimed for a more clean and simple look. The biggest change, besides this new News-Section, is the new main menu on the left and the user toolbar on the top left. The main menu has a couple more entries (some of them are still in the making) that are grouped in three categories. It can fly out by clicking on the menu button (top left) or swipping from left to right. If you hover over some of the entries, you will get a note about the shortcut of that entrie. With those shortcuts you can also access the coresponding subpages. On the top toolbar you find a dedicated home-button aswell and a login button. When logged in, you find the usersettings there aswell.

Sign ups

The signup-procedure has also been simplified. For adding drivers, you now just have to provide their iRacing-IDs and the other information (name, irating, safetyrating, location) will be pulled automatically.

There are still parts of the page in the old design i want to update over the course of the next couple of weeks. I will be posting updates/changelogs in the coresponding Discord channel, where you can also give feedback about the new design or report bugs (thank you in advance)